New Year Meal Plan with Spar Winford

exercise.jpegWith New Years resolutions beginning to fall flat, Spar Winford have decided to keep you motivated. If your looking to stay fit this year, why not try our 1 Week Meal Plan to keep you in shape.


Breakfast  Lunch Dinner
Monday 0% fat Greek yogurt with fresh berries Chicken Caesar salad with low fat dressing. Vegetable moussaka with fat free quark.
Tuesday Wholegrain cereal with semi/skimmed milk. Honey & mustard pasta with spinach and kale.  Oven baked gnocchi with spinach and tomato.
Wednesday Porridge with banana and honey. Sweet potato and black bean burritos.  Baked chicken with sweet potato fries, greens and rosemary.
Thursday Quinoa fruit salad.  Kimchi & kale pancakes Chicken ramen with edamame beans and broccoli, topped with crushed peanuts.
Friday Toasted wholegrain bread with crushed avocado, cherry toms and boiled eggs.  Pesto quinoa with spicy prawns and tomatoes.  Spag Bol with lean mince, courgettes and diced carrots.
Saturday Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on toast.  Broiled vegetables with oyster sauce over fluffy rice Butternut squash mac n’ cheese.
Sunday Muesli pancakes with summer berry compote.  Garlic mushroom pasta with low fat hummus sauce. Vegetable lasagne with lentils, chickpeas tomato and cottage cheese.


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